Community College Scheme

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These levels are defined in terms of learning outcomes that is, the competencies which the learners must possess regardless of whether they were acquired through formal, non-formal or informal education and training.

Qualifications are made up of occupational standards for specific areas of learning units. This would provide the stakeholders such as the broad equivalence of qualifications across specific skill sectors. It is, therefore, a nationally integrated education and competency based skill framework that will provide for multiple pathways both within vocational education and between general and vocational education to link one level of learning to another higher level and enable learners to progress to higher levels from any starting point in the education and/or skill system.

The key elements of the NVEQF are as below :-

  • National principles for providing Vocational Education(VE) leading to international equivalency.
  • Multiple entry and exist between vocational education, general education and job markets.
  • Progression within vocational education
  • Transfer between vocational education and general education, &
  • Partnership with industry/employers

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Community College


Silchar Polytechnic provides vocational courses under scheme of community college.

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